Glenina Veterinary Clinic Surgery & Anaesthesia

Glenina Vets - Surgery & Anaesthesia


Every facility of our clinic has been planned for the comfort and wellbeing of your pet. Glenina vets offer surgical services such as:

  • General – spaying and castrations.
  • Ophthalmic – Corneal ulcer treatment, entropion, ectropion, corneal grids and glaucoma screening.
  • Aural – total ear canal ablation, tumour removal and aural haematomas.
  • Abdominal – gastrointestinal surgery, gastropexy, enterotomy, splenectomy, abdominal wall ruptures and hernia repair.
  • Urogenital surgery – Bladder ruptures repair, pyometra, caesarean section and urethrostomy.
  • Thoracic – Diaphragmatic ruptures and hernia repair.
  • Orthopaedic – External and internal fixation of fractures, cruciate ligament repair, luxating patella and femoral head removal.
  • Soft tissue -Tumour removals and biopsy.
  • Cryo surgery – Is used for the selective destruction of neoplasm’s.


We use the most advanced anaesthetic protocols to maximize safety. Each patient is fully monitored by a registered veterinary nurse while under anaesthesia. All pets are given pain relievers and sedatives to reduce the pain and stress of surgery both before and after the procedure. Following surgery, patients are closely monitored for several hours to ensure safe recovery.

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