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Glenina Vets Dentistry

Ultrasonic Dental Prophylaxis

A dental involves the cleaning and polishing of your pet’s teeth to remove tartar and plaque from the crown and under the gum line. Polishing teeth after a cleaning slows down the reattachment of plaque. Our advanced dental equipment enables us to clean and polish teeth by using a high pressure dental machine with attached ultrasonic tips. It is therefore necessary for your pet to be placed under general anaesthesia.


Common signs of dental problems include difficulty eating, bad breath, tartar on teeth and sore mouth. As dental disease progresses, the treatment becomes more involved, often resulting in extractions of teeth. Care after extraction s involves feeding softer food and possible antibiotic treatment while healing occurs.

Preventive Treatment

It’s never too late to start. Glenina vets offer a full range of preventative measures to protect your pet’s oral health, such as dental care kits, clinical diets and support in our nursing clinics.

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