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Oran Vet Clinic – is jointly owned by Glenina and Ark veterinary practices. It is located in the Oranmore business park behind the Maldron Hotel in Oranmore, Galway. To find out more visit:

Animal Welfare Groups

G.S.P.C.A. – The Galway Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals strive to improve the welfare of all animals locally and internationally. To find out more visit:

Madra – Mutts Anonymous Dog Rescue and Adoption are dedicated to finding new homes for unwanted, neglected, abused and abandoned dogs. To find out more visit:

I.S.P.C.A. – Irish society of the prevention of cruelty to animals is the leading animal welfare charity in Ireland. The I.S.P.C.A. specialise in rescue, animal welfare and preventing animal cruelty. To find out more visit:

The Donkey Sanctuary – works worldwide to improve conditions for donkeys and mules. To find out more visit: – Help Dogs Trust give a happy home to thousands of stray and abandoned dogs. Read the A-Z page to find the right dog for you:


DOG Training Ireland – offer a full behaviour clinic service which covers issues that people experience with their dogs. To find out more visit:

Galway Dog Club – The Galway Dog Training Club was founded by Michael O Brien in 2000. Michael has a wealth of experience in training dogs. Having competed in most dog sports at competition level over the years, he has also trained numerous dogs for T.V and film. To find out more visit:

All About Dogs – A guide to dog care – puppy imprinting , obedience, personal protection and agility.


Irish Wildlife Trust – is a conservation charity committed to raising awareness of Ireland’s rich natural heritage. Its aim is to conserve wildlife and the habitats they depend on throughout Ireland. To find out more visit:

Bat Conservation Ireland – is a charity dedicated to the conservation of Ireland’s bats. They are an important part of our natural environment. To find out more visit: or

Bird Watch Galway – is the Galway City and County branch of Bird Watch Ireland. Its primary interest is the conservation of wild birds and their habitats in Ireland. To find out more visit:

The Birds of Prey Centre – is home to over 300 birds of prey from all over the world. They strive to educate people in understanding the various species of prey. To find out more visit:

Irish Grey Partridge Conservation Trust – promote the research and management of native game birds. To find out more visit:

Galway and Claddagh Swan Rescue – are a small voluntary group based in Galway city. They are involved in the protection and conservation of all wetland birds, indigenous and migratory. They rescue and treat injured and weak birds. To find out more visit their Facebook page.

24hr Emergency Vet Care: 091 752 014