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Dog and Cat Microchipping

Microchipping your pet is a quick, painless procedure and can be done as part of a consult at Glenina Veterinary Clinic.

Microchipping is a permanent solution that greatly increases the chances that a lost pet will be reunited safely with its owner. If a pet is lost or stolen and recovered by authorities, a microchip might provide the only means to identify and contact the owner.

The microchip itself is a very small electronic device, about the same size as a grain of rice, which is implanted under your pet’s skin and is designed to last a lifetime.

Every chip has its own unique 15-digit number. The chip is encased in a protective shell made of glass or biopolymer. This helps to prevent the microchip from causing a reaction or moving around, which can make it difficult to read.

Microchip numbers are read by a handheld scanner. The unique number is linked to your personal details, so should you pet get lost, then your pet can be scanned, you can be contacted and then reunited with your pet as quickly as possible!

At Glenina Veterinary Clinic, we are happy to carry out this microchipping service. It only takes a few minutes – some forms have to be filled out with some personal pet owner information, then the nurses register them on the system and then the microchip is inserted.

It is now the law that all puppies 12 weeks old be microchipping and some insurance companies insist upon it as part of their Terms and Conditions.

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