Veterinary services at Glenina Vet Clinic

Glenina Vet Clinic are devoted to providing progressive care together with guidance and support to each animal and owner.

Medical Diagnosis


As we constantly strive to offer the highest diagnostic testing, we are pleased to offer a diversity of laboratory testing. We provide many services in-house such as comprehensive biochemistry, haematology, cytology and urinalysis. Glenina vets also offers in-house snap tests that provide rapid results for FIV, Giardia, Parvo virus and Feline Leukaemia.


Ultrasound imaging is a non invasive medical test we can also provide in-house. It is used to examine many of the body's internal organs and aids in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of medical conditions to include pregnancy diagnosis and evaluation.


Radiography is a very important diagnostic tool, our services include digital radiographs providing images with excellent detail and contrast x-rays.


ECG machine, we provide your pets with comprehensive diagnosis and management of heart and respiratory disorders.

Surgery & Anaesthesia


Every facility of our clinic has been planned for the comfort and well being of your pet. Glenina vets offer surgical services such as:

  • General – spaying and castrations.
  • Ophthalmic - Corneal ulcer treatment, entropion, ectropion, corneal grids and glaucoma screening.
  • Aural - total ear canal ablation, tumour removal and aural haematomas.
  • Abdominal – gastrointestinal surgery, gastropexy, enterotomy, splenectomy, abdominal wall ruptures and hernia repair.
  • Urogenital surgery - Bladder ruptures repair, pyometra, caesarean section and urethrostomy.
  • Thoracic - Diaphragmatic ruptures and hernia repair.
  • Orthopaedic – External and internal fixation of fractures, cruciate ligament repair, luxating patella and femoral head removal.
  • Soft tissue -Tumour removals and biopsy.
  • Cryo surgery - Is used for the selective destruction of neoplasm's.

We use the most advanced anaesthetic protocols to maximize safety. Each patient is fully monitored by a registered veterinary nurse while under anaesthesia. All pets are given pain relievers and sedatives to reduce the pain and stress of surgery both before and after the procedure. Following surgery, patients are closely monitored for several hours to ensure safe recovery.


Ultrasonic dental prophylaxis

A dental involves the cleaning and polishing of your pet's teeth to remove tartar and plaque from the crown and under the gum line. Polishing teeth after a cleaning slows down the reattachment of plaque. Our advanced dental equipment enables us to clean and polish teeth by using a high pressure dental machine with attached ultrasonic tips. It is therefore necessary for your pet to be placed under general anaesthesia.


Common signs of dental problems include difficulty eating, bad breath, tartar on teeth and sore mouth. As dental disease progresses, the treatment becomes more involved, often resulting in extractions of teeth. Care after extraction s involves feeding softer food and possible antibiotic treatment while healing occurs.

Preventive treatment

It's never too late to start. Glenina vets offer a full range of preventative measures to protect your pet's oral health, such as dental care kits, clinical diets and support in our nursing clinics.

Nursing Clinic

Glenina vets now run numerous nursing clinics to support owners and their pets at various life stages and management of many disorders.

Free health checks when your puppy or kitten reaches six months topics include neutering, diet, flea and worm treatment and dental care.

Diabetic support clinic includes monitoring blood glucose levels, urine testing and diet.

Obesity management clinics to include weight assessment, energy balance and exercise routines.

Dental clinics include nutritional advice which can improve oral health. Signs of dental conditions and preventative treatment of dental disease.

Exotics, Wildlife & Grooming

Exotics & Wildlife

Exotics and wildlife have special care needs and our clinic has the recourses to meet those needs. Our diagnostic capability includes full blood and chemistry work, cytology, radiography and services include general surgery such as neutering and spays, along with dentistry and husbandry techniques. We offer the opportunity for unique species to receive competent and compassionate veterinary care.

Another service we provide is alternative medicine such as homeopathy and acupuncture.


Annie Taylor our resident dog groomer trained in London and is a member of the Irish professional dog groomers association since 1998. Annie won the Irish individual groomer of the year award in 2006. Annie is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and may be contacted on 086-3559173 or 091-752014.

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